About Me

About Me

Hello everyone! I’m Steve and I have been using all sorts of different tools all my life. First starting out helping Dad who was an electrician by trade and woodworker, carpenter, concreter, drywaller, plumber, tile layer, farmer and just about any other-er thing you can imagine. So, I’ve had a pretty vast background studying, purchasing, using and repairing tools my entire life.About Steve

A little about my career…

Like I said above, I started out running around in Dads footsteps trying to be like him. I took quickly to the Electrical trade and became a journeyman and on to be a master later on. Since then, I have worked in all aspects of the trade from ditch digger to lineman to fiber optics to programming PLC’s. Since then I have become an Electrical Inspector. My hobbies have been very similar to Dads in that I’m a woodworker and about any other-er thing you can think of. In all of those realms, I’ve used ALOT of different tools….. and broken a few too!

What this site is about…

I started this site for the purpose of informing potential buyers and users of everyday tools and how to choose the right one for you and getting the best value for your dollar. THAT DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN THE CHEAPEST!!! Too many times when I was debating and searching site after site after site for something I wanted to buy, I looked first at price and focused on that…. yes I’ve been burned before! Hopefully I can shed enough information so it doesn’t happen to you.

If at any time you are on the fence about purchasing a tool that maybe you’ve never used or need a repair tip, by all means, contact me at admin@urtoolsource.com and I’l do my best to help you out!